DANCE exams/assessments FOR ALL STUDENTS


exams/assessments  Sunday January 26th, 2020


This is a great opportunity for ALL Studio students so please do not let exams/assessments pass you by. Students can use these exams for there school portfolio & will also add to the student’s repertoire when choosing dance & performing arts for 6th form or college/university.


Students can choose more than 1 exam however they must attend classes regularly




FINAL date for exam payments Saturday December 14th


YES Exams are important & will add & improve your dance & performing arts portfolio

this is also further proof you are part of a professional legitimate dance studio with qualified teachers & insurance.


If your child is looking further into dance for example wants to become a student teacher, then teacher attended comps & classes are not qualifications.


to start your dance performing arts career legitimately then exams is the way forward

likewise they will more than benefit any student with your portfolio & independent feed back from an examiner look at it like the different belts in karate


Exams are £20 per exam per student (max you can do is 3 )


dance Exams/assessments at our Studios Sunday January 26th, 2020 you will receive official awards & certificates from a recognised dance association


pick up your form to fill in & for more details


from Studios reception






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