History of ((( M&m )))

((( M&m ))) Dance & Performing Arts Studios opened October 21st 2013. Re-branded & changed name May 1st 2015.


We opened the studio doors in October 2013 but the dance school has been running since 1999 - Expressions School of Dance in Kidderminster. Kerry & Ges are the joint owners of M&m, Kerry has been dancing for over 30 years and was a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 15 years!


Kerry is a fully qualified Fitness & Dance teacher with the UKA, BDC and ADFP - THE FREESTYLE DANCE COUNCIL OF THE UK. Ges the Child Workforce Manager has 12 years of Retail Management along with a depth of knowledge on children & Dance. Ges & Kerry are married & have 4 sons between them :)


M&m & Expressions are a family orientated dance school who prides themselves on training dancers to the highest standard.

Kerry has ran Expressions School of Dance in Kidderminster from 1999. The Dance School moved into the Studios October 2013 & Expressions are now know has EEDA Expressions Elite Dance Academy from September 2014.

               The Dancers now can train up to 6 days a week! 

EEDA /Expressions travel to Competitions & festivals all over the Uk!  The ADFP - DANCE Competitions & Festivals they compete at are well know all over the uk & only fully qualified Dance Teachers can join the ADFP dance association & take part in competitions.

   The great thing on having a full- time Studios is its not just all about Expressions Elite Dance Academy, we now offer just classes for anyone & everyone. These are known has ((( M&m ))) Dancers, Gymnasts. You can do 1 class a week or AS MANY AS YOU LIKE! choice is yours & with ALL styles of Dance & 4 different teachers. We make Dance Affordable for everyone with no Reg, joining, Termly or Monthly fees. Pay as you attend Classes!


So Come & see what ((( M&m ))) Dance & Performing Arts Studios is all about??? We have Lots of Dance classes, Acro - gymnastics & Theatre.  From Beginners, Dancers & Gymnasts right through to advanced, we have classes to suit all & for all ages from 18 months to 21 years old.