Medals, Certificates & Awards


We Have our very own award system is in place. We don’t work on awards every week as this would get boring but when we do work on awards students Work on Bronze Silver Gold medals & certificates followed by Trophy 1, 2 & 3


For example, start on Bronze medal, this is for ALL awards perfect the 10 moves on the award card these are checked, verified by teacher of class. Then following week, you receive bronze medal & certificate with your name, date & award on.

Each class has its own unique Ribbon color for its medal. E.g.Street Red ribbon, Ballet Pink Ribbon, Disco Freestyle Light blue & white ribbon & so on.

Awards are optional it’s up to student if they want to take them & the best bit ALL Awards are FREE! Certificates, Medals & Trophies ALL Free of Charge :D


Yes, ALL AWARDS are No extra charge, they are FREE & yours to keep Forever :D


For Under 6’s we also have unique Junior Awards. These are easier than our normal awards to encourage our youngsters to progress 😊


For Under 5 classes we also do UKA ‘Teddy cards’ these are cards our younger students collect stickers, Teddies or Stars for attendance in classes.

½ Card = Medal + Certificate                   Full Card = Trophy & Certificate


Also in Beginners Acro-Gymnastics (Saturdays) you start much easier awards, these bronze silver & Gold awards are much easier than our other Acro-Gymnastic Awards so it’s Just certificates for first 3 Awards before you move up to normal Acro-Gymnastic Awards Easier Awards for Beginners to encourage progress.

With our Awards No examiner, no extra charge, you earn your medals by perfecting the moves in classes & they are checked of by class teacher 😊


We also Run 2 Shows a year which are  June & December


EVERYONE who performs in our Show receives a TROPHY for FREE to keep forever for commitment & achievement attended classes every week in preparation for the Show learning the routine(s) they are in


At Our December Show majority of our Studio classes have extra class awards at the Show. Extra Awards are 3 trophies which are not for the most talented. Teacher of the class chooses the 3 awards & they can be for Most improved, hardest worker, best helper, super achievements etc. etc.




you can just attend 1 class a week or 2,3,4,5,6 or Unlimited classes EVERY WEEK!

its completely Your choice on Competitions or shows etc. if you just want to attend pay as you go classes then we are the place for you :) 

We make Dance & Performing Arts accessible & affordable to ALL Children, toddlers, teenagers & young adults 😊

Trophy pics are the 2 trophies handed to EVERY STUDENT from last 2 shows - Xmas showcase mash-up 2017 & Wizard of Oz :D 

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